My son grew brain: Part 3


I know I walked into the play date to get Quin, my son was was going to live, and I talked to my sister-in-law, Rochelle, about the fact that I was carrying a baby with a death sentence and she reacted with sisterly love and care and crying. But I don’t remember a lot of other details and in fact, since this story happened over 8 years ago, I may get some of these details wrong. If you were there and remember any of it differently or have anymore details to share, please comment away!

As I drove up to my house in Kennesaw, GA, I realized my friend (and boss at the time) Jenny was there. She found out what had happened and rushed over to my house. This is a woman who owns a highly stressful and successful seasonal color landscaping company. I have no idea what she dropped that day in order for her to just be there when I got home. Thus started the beginning of friends and family showing their true colors of love and devotion to my little family and especially to my little one who was growing, incomplete, inside of me.

Jenny got there before me and put the pans away that Quin had strewn out all around as I attempted to get ready for the doctor appointment earlier that day. She greeted me with a hug and with tears and questions of what she could do to help. I tried my best to show her how much I appreciated her being there for me but, I think I did a lot of sitting and staring. So much sitting and staring that she took it upon herself to start to get Quin ready for his naptime.

Yes, my boss got my kid ready for naptime. How cool is that?

It was just a few weeks prior that Jen and I went out for lunch at Buckhead Burrito (with little Quin in tow) and I broke the news to her that I was pregnant again….far sooner than we had expected! Every woman has a fear of telling their boss they are pregnant….a fear that they will be disappointed but legally can’t show it. This fear was totally unwarranted in Jenny’s case as she was so happy for me…..I think her words were “I get to love another baby that I don’t have to carry and give birth to. Yay!” We giggled and talked about how close my 2 kids would be in age and how fun (yet challenging) that would be.

There was not any giggling to be had this day. Jen put Quiners down for a nap, hugged me, told me to take the rest of the day off (“The flowers will still be there in the morning”) and that she would stay with me until Jeremy got home.

Jeremy! Oh, man. With every fiber of my being I needed his arms around me right now but, I knew when he got home he would have to look me in the eye and actively try to forget that I am not capable of making babies with working parts. Was there any ounce of truth to this? No way. Did I continually believe this lie anyway and let it sink into the deep parts of my soul? You betcha.


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