Halloween vs. Jesus

Halloween around our house looked like this:

lauren halloween quin halloween aaron halloween

      L as a Cheetah                  Q as Tony Stark                  A as Clark Kent

But, I sometimes forget that, to some Christians, Halloween looks like this:


When it comes to Halloween, Christians are all over the map. The most “conservative” viewpoint says that October 31st is a pagan or even devil-worshipping holiday and that by allowing our kids to celebrate Halloween, we are “succumbing to the pressures of this world”. The other (“liberal”) side of the coin says it’s harmless, make-believe fun and that being Christian doesn’t mean that Halloween is off limits.

Some churches use Halloween as a time to invite people to their church parking lot for “trunk or treat”. Some families use it as a time to get to know their neighbors…..in fact my friend Esther throws a party for her neighborhood, complete with a kick-butt s’mores bar (read about that here). Something my family does is give most of our trick-or-treating candy to the Halloween Candy Buy-Back in our area. I love that it goes to our troops, and I super love that it gets it out of my house so it doesn’t stare at me with it’s wee beady eyes and call to me after the kids go to bed;-)

Even though my family leans towards the more liberal view of Halloween, there are things about it that get to me. Children dressed as little devils is hard for me to stomach. Why? Spiritual warfare gets to me. I believe in it. I have experienced it. The devil is real and he has legions of demons that work for him. What do they do for him? The same thing that the snake in the garden did for Adam and Eve….they open the door for our hearts to doubt God. To doubt His love for us, to question His all-knowing, all-seeing power, and to even deny His existence altogether.

Please note that I did not say the devil “makes us” do any of those things. He can’t do that. He is not that powerful. That’s the beautiful truth. God has already won the war. He claimed victory of sin, death, and the devil when His son died on the cross on a dark, stormy afternoon and His victory parade looked like an empty tomb.

So, what bothers me about Halloween? Or any day for that matter? Anything that makes us question God’s victory over our lives.

He is victorious over sin. Satan says: “C’mon, everyone looks at porn every once in a while. At least you’re not cheating on your spouse.” I say: “Wrong. Sin is sin. Porn breaks my marriage vow. It demeans and degrades people that Jesus loves.”

He is victorious over death. Satan says “You know, everyone would be better off if you were dead. It would be easier for you. You wouldn’t have to deal with this crippling depression.” I say: “God has come that I may have life and have it abundantly. He is with me in my suffering and I know He will use it to bring glory to Him!”

He is victorious over the devil. Satan says: “Look at all these people that grew up in church and have turned away from the Lord once they left their parent’s house. Obviously, they were never God’s to begin with.” I say: “Jesus died for all. He does not want even one of His children to run away. He has never left their side and when they turn from their unbelief, they will find He has been there all along.”

No matter if it’s October 31st, or May 31st, God is on the throne, He loves us, and He is for us. Can I get an AMEN?

On that bright and glorious day, heaven opened up the grave – He’s alive and risen indeed, praise Him for the mercy tree! Death has died and love has won! Alleluia! Alleluia! Jesus Christ has overcome, He has risen from the grave! – Mercy Tree by Lacey Strum 


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