Faithfulness breeds faithfulness

I have been blown away lately by the faithfulness of God.

I have heard about the faithfulness of God my whole life. In my teen years, I knew in my mind that He was supposed to be faithful, but, I didn’t really see the reality of it around me. In my 20’s I started to get more into scripture and was amazed by the things my God did in the past…..stories like the whole Joseph saga in the Old Testament gave me a glimpse into the reality of His faithfulness. As I neared my 30’s, my life was quite the roller coaster – amazing miracles followed by periods of epic disappointment. I trusted that He was faithful in the good times and cried out questioning whether He was even there in the rough patches (a typical fair-weather friend).

Now, at the ripe old age of 35 (;-), I can say that I have come to know that, no matter the circumstance, I believe in my heart of hearts that He is faithful. Even when it doesn’t look like He is. Even when it doesn’t feel like He is.

One story of His faithfulness unfolded over the last couple of months. In October, I started planning my church’s Sunday School Christmas program. For those of you that have ever seen a children’s program through the planning and practicing stages, you know how crazy it can get. How, the week before the program, you wonder why you and the other leaders do this each year. And how you are sure that it is all going to fall apart….but, each year, it goes off without a hitch (mostly). Heck, that in and of itself is a testament to God’s faithfulness right there!

This year, our program is called Comfort and Joy. There is a section that talks about how Mary brought comfort to baby Jesus by wrapping him in blankets. It was suggested in the program to ask congregation members to donate blankets to give to the homeless and needy in our community during these cold winter months. I talked about this with other staff members and we weren’t sure about it….after all, the youth in our church were already doing tie blankets to donate this season and we have a quilting ministry that gives missionally as well. But, nope, we decided to go for it….what a way for the whole church to come together for a great cause on a Sunday morning, we thought!

So, after hearing the announcement to bring in blankets, one member passed the news on to his elderly parents who felt they wanted to give to the cause. So, 3 new fleece blankets showed up in my office on Monday morning. You know who else showed up at my office that morning? A couple asking for directions. I google-mapped the place they were looking for and talked with them for a bit….she shared with me that they were living in their car and that it was really cold….and then she asked me – do you have any blankets we could have to cover up with at night?

Boy, did I. She opened up the bag and felt the soft fleece and a giant smile crept across her face. “Thank you….thank you so much!” she said as she showed them to her husband.

A church member was faithful to share the need for blankets with his parents. His parents were faithful to share their treasure by purchasing the blankets. God was faithful to bring this couple into our church to ask for directions. And, we, the church, got to be the hands and feet of Jesus by meeting a tangible need for the homeless couple that stopped at our church.

Love God, love people. Boom and Boom.


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