Music Monday

My husband, Jeremy, is not only my life partner and my co-parent, he is also my partner in music ministry. (How did I get so lucky?) We actually met in a worship group in high school (waaay back in the ’90’s) called Master’s Touch (affiliated with Youth for Christ of Central MN). It’s just super neat to know that we’ve been leading others in the praise of our Lord for almost 20 years now!

The funny thing about Jeremy and I is that we are kind of opposite when it comes to music. I can appreciate a good country song while he can barely stand what passes for country these days. Jeremy likes to discover new music he connects with while I mostly give Pandora a big thumbs down when it plays a song that I don’t know. I’d say the biggest difference is that I am really into lots of contemporary Christian music that is played on the radio today, while Jeremy is kind of “eh” about it.

We’ve been worship leaders/directors, picking out songs for worship sets, since 2003….so we know quite a lot of the Jesus music that has come out in the last decade and a half (or so). Out of allll of the songs we’ve done, there are only a handful that we both absolutely love. Sure, there are a lot of songs that I love but, when a song passes the Jeremy test, you know it has to be a good one:)

At the end of last year, I came across “Oh Our Lord” by Paul Baloche. We did it with the worship band at our previous church and both think it is just the bees knees. Check it out! 



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