Living the dream

I remember it well: life with babies and toddlers. Little sleep, time-outs on the bottom step, and lots of hot dogs w/ mac and cheese….oh, and peas to make it it super healthy and curb the mom guilt;-)

It all came rushing back when I visited my brother and sister-in-law and their 1 week old little guy last weekend. When I got there I asked the new mama how she was doing and she sighed: “Well, I showered today so, that was nice!”

These days, with 3 school age children, I can usually shower without interruption. Minor exceptions include: my 5 year old being told by my 8 year old that she is 4 years old. That is most definitely something to rush into the bathroom crying about. Obviously.

So yes, I can shower when they are all awake and they can entertain themselves – even if they have run out of their electronics time for the day. To my sister-in-law, a hot shower without listening for a baby’s cry seems like a dream.

You’ll get there, my dear. Faster than you know it. Your days of exhaustion due to middle of the night feedings will be replaced with a different type of emotional roller coaster. One where you have to talk to your son’s teacher about a child that is sexually harassing other students. Where reading the bible at night as a family means you have to explain to your other son what a prostitute is. Where you have to change how you talking about your body because you don’t want your daughter to even think the word “diet”.

I know it sounds weird right now, but, cherish these days when a shower and some sleep are the 2 things you dream of. Life with your little one will get really complicated in the blink of an eye.

But, through it all, you’ll always have the blessed moments after they are asleep. A time when you can tiptoe into their room and marvel at them sleeping peacefully, run your hand through their hair, kiss them, and tell them that you will always love them. No matter what worry-inducing, emotionally exhausting, heart-on-your-sleeve stage they’re in.



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