What a Disney Princess Taught Me Today

“Is there someone in your life that you can cry with when things are overwhelming?”

This is a question that one of my girlfriend’s was asked by by her counselor and, when she shared it with me, I realized that my answer to this was no. Not because I don’t have people in my life who would be there for me in my time of need….I really do. I am blessed to have friends and family members that demonstrate selfless, non-judgmental, real life love to me and my family on a regular basis.

Since this is true, I wondered to myself why I didn’t have a go to person that I could cry with.

Then, it hit me this morning….when I saw a picture of Ariel. You know….Ariel….the Disney princess. The one who looks like she may have a wardrobe malfunction at any moment.


There are not many things about this woman/girl that I can ever hold out hope to imitate. Certainly not her abs…..and, I have never owned a bikini….or even a swimsuit that I feel comfortable in, for that matter. I once felt comfortable in a full wetsuit….I think that’s why I have a love of jet-skis – it’s the only water-related activity where it’s totally normal to be fully clothed in all black. Sleek and slimming=YES.

The only thing I have tried to imitate and somewhat succeeded at is going for the cool red hair look.


(Note to my college self: just because your hair is red does NOT mean you can pull off a pixie cut.)

Anyway, back to Ariel. Now, thanks to Buzzfeed, I can show you what her hair REALLY looked like when she came up out of the water singing about her soon-to-be man:


Ah, the beach look.

So, what do a mermaid and the crying friend question have in common?

I realize that I like my life to look like the Ariel on the top. Put together, pristine, perfect….or at the very least, presentable. And I’m not just talking about my looks here.

I came to the realization that if I had a “cry it out” friend it would mean that I am not perfect and that I would have to admit that to someone else (like they don’t already know that). I have to admit that I have a reason to cry….and then I would have to share this reason (or, more likely, MULTIPLE reasons) with another human.

Vulnerable. Open. Honest.

Those are not words that have anything in common with the alliteration I listed before: put together, pristine, perfect….or at the very least, presentable.

Truth time: I don’t want to have a “cry it out” friend. I’d much rather be there for a friend as they cry it out.

Hey, I guess the first step is admitting it.


For the full Buzzfeed “If Disney Princesses Had Realistic Hair” collection: click here.


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