3 dangerous truths

I’ve found Satan to be very twisty. And short-tempered. And hell-bent on getting me to ask “Why?” more than I ask “How?”

As I sit here, ready to type about the evil I’ve experienced in my life, I feel my fingers freezing up. My mind is going fuzzy. The distractions abound.

Satan doesn’t want me to tell you that I know him. No way, not in this country. He wants to continue to make himself elusive. He wants to slither around in the shadows and lob half-truths at us, hoping that one of them will stick in our hearts or minds just long enough to slip us up.

Here are 3 truths about Satan that I’ve come to know personally.

1. He has never loved me.

Oh, how he has tried to make it seem like he does. Offering me ways to escape this life that seems to be overwhelming at times. Money. Sex. Netflix. The list could go on and on.

“God is faithful, and he will not let you be tempted beyond your ability” (1 Corinthians 10:13) Satan says. “A little bit of this isn’t going to hurt….God’s still ‘got you’.”

No way. The Holy Spirit guides me to know just when I am riding that line. When a TV series I am watching is screwing with my mind. When lustful thoughts come into my mind about a guy I just met. When I think that the answer is more income instead of less debt.  The truth is, I know the truth. The decision that is always in front of me is whether I choose to ignore it or embrace it.

2. He is a big deal.

“I know the bible claims that I have come to ‘steal, kill, and destroy’. (John 10:10)”, Satan says. “That’s not really true. If it was, people in America would be scared of me! Heck, most people don’t know I exist….and even if they do, they don’t see me as much of a problem. If I came to kill, wouldn’t people be worried about me? Wouldn’t they be SCARED of a killer?”

Satan is here. He does exist….purely to take you down to the depths of your humanity. In my life I have been taken down by Satan a few times. And, when I was down on the ground, laying there in a bloody mess, my life reeling out of control, Satan says “Wow, look what you have done to yourself now.” When I gathered myself enough after those times, I looked Satan square in the face and told him that He did this to me. He opened the door to sin, and I walked through it…all the while, ignoring the name of Jesus and believing the lie that He didn’t really care. The more doors I walked through, the wider the hallway to the next one became. For me, sin got easier, even though the consequences grew costlier with each poor choice.

When I came to, I remembered just how powerful the name of Jesus is. There is nothing that makes Satan flee faster than when I square up to him and utter one word: “Jesus.” When I say it, I feel his anger and annoyance grow and I see him slink away even further into the shadows.

3. He will hide you in your sin as long as possible.

“It’s just not that big of a deal. ‘I tell you, every sin and blasphemy can be forgiven’ (Matthew 12:31)”, Satan says. “There is no reason to confess this. Or get help for it. Or turn from it. Just don’t make such a big deal about it, geez!”

When I was heavy into my sin, I believed lie after lie from the enemy telling me that what I’m doing is just not a big deal. There was a period in my life where everything around me screamed that it was a big deal….my marriage was on the rocks, my kids were acting out, my relationships with family and friends were strained. Yet, I chose to believe for a long period of time that what I was doing was separate from the other parts of my life. How slimy is it that I knew I had to hide my sin but, even in the midst of covering it up, I accepted the lie that it wasn’t affecting me or the people I loved all THAT much.


So, maybe you’ve heard my stories of spiritual warfare. Maybe you’ve heard me talk about what it feels like to sense an evil presence. Maybe you’ve even heard my stories of praying a demonic stronghold out of a room or out of someone’s body.

Or, maybe this is the first time you’ve ever heard me talk about this and you feel like it’s a bit too much like a horror movie. Maybe this blog confirmed for you that I am off my rocker. Maybe you are wishing that this was a funny blog and not so gosh-darn serious.

But, maybe, just maybe, this blog is for you. Maybe you know that Satan has a hold on you in a certain area of your life. Maybe you are beginning to sense an evil presence in your home. Or in yourself.  If that is the case, don’t let Satan talk you out of the truth. Talk to God about it. Talk to a trusted friend. If you can’t do either of those things, talk to me. You know I’ve been there (as you’ve just read) so I will not judge and I will relate.

Today is the first day of your journey towards freedom. Will you take the first step?



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