Music Monday

One warm July night in 2007, my marriage lay in pieces on the the dining room floor. That day I could barely breathe, I couldn’t sleep, and I couldn’t imagine how we’d get through the next hour, let alone the next day.

I am amazed at the healing that has taken place in the last 7 years. Not right away, and not without buckets of tears. The first days and months…and years really…were an uphill battle….and I personally tumbled down the hill many times with no real desire to get up. What did it take to turn the corner? Quite simply put: the laying aside of my pride and anger.

No, my marriage was never the same after that long ago, yet not so long ago night in July….and, years later I can see the value of going through all of that pain. I am thankful for a husband that knows how much of a choice love is and, even after everything I’ve put him through in our 20 years of knowing each other, he still chooses me. (YAY!)

This song is definitely on the list for us to sing together someday….


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