Freedom Friday

Can you imagine a life without freedom? A life where your main dream in life is to come to America for the chance to have a life where you are not someone’s property or where you don’t awake to the sound of civil war?

Can I really, truly connect with what that must feel like? No. But I can ask this question of the people of St Cloud, MN who have racist things to say about the growing Somalian population: what if it was you? Have you thought about your daughters and wives and mothers being raped as weapons of warfare? Have you thought of living in a refugee camp for years with no home to call your own?

I’ve thought about it. I’ve felt a tightening in my chest about it.

How do I respond? I smile at the Somalian man in the gas station with me. I hold the door open for a Somalian woman and her kiddos coming into the doctor’s office. Simple, yes….but, when the mom looked up at me and smiled with light in her eyes, I knew it wasn’t so simple after all.

Here’s a beautiful way folks are responding to child refugees coming to our country:


What are you doing? How are you showing your heart to those who need love and acceptance today?


One thought on “Freedom Friday

  1. It’s so easy in our comfortable, safe lives to forget the torture many endure on a daily basis. Fear is their way of life. Bravo for reminding us all of the power of empathy and kindness. Thanks for the link, too!!

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