Music Monday

Yeah, it’s Tuesday. But, in the spirit of not saying “I’ll start blogging again next week”, I’m doing a music Monday on a Tuesday. I’m such a rebel.

My husband and I are leading worship on Sunday at our church and we’re doing a crazy awesome new song that I want to share with all of you. Nope, it’s NOT currently on Christian radio (*GASP!*) but, when you hear this song, I know you’ll understand why we just have to run the risk of teaching this to the congregation cold anyway.

You see, sometimes one must throw caution to the wind. If you know me even a little, you probably get that I am not a cautious person. That can get me in trouble in many ways (and boy, has it) but, I look at my no-holds-barred outlook as a gift from God…and I am learning in my 30’s that patience is also a virtue (who knew? 😉

There is no possible way to hear this song and not feel like NOW is the time to dance for joy!

Or, as Jeremy’s cousin Jess, a crazy awesome missionary serving the people of Ethiopia posted this morning:


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