I could learn something from Caitlyn Jenner. You could too.

I’d love to just sit down and talk with Caitlyn Jenner.

I’m sure I could learn a lot about something I know nothing about…what it’s like to feel stuck in a body that you don’t feel belongs to you. What it’s like to wrestle with it to the point where you pay good money to do something about it. What it’s like to have the money to do something about it. Where she sees God in any of this (if at all). Would she wish these issues on her worst enemy? How is that all of her kids support her in this when that just wouldn’t be the case for so many people? Is it because they were shown consistent unconditional love by their parents growing up so they know how in turn to give it back to their dad? And on, and on, and on. 

These are interesting questions that point to the humanness of all of this. The humanness in all of life. Life that includes things like sex changes.

These are not questions that have anything to do with “is this a sin or not.” Who the junk cares to label things in the “sin/not sin” category? Not me for one. No. Not for other people.

For my kids? Sure.

For myself? Sure.

For Caitlyn Jenner? No freakin’ way.

Yes, I am sure I could learn a lot from Caitlyn. But for now, I thank her for helping me learn a lot about those around me as I watch how they react to her. For helping me learn more about the things I want to teach to my kids and the bullying behavior I want to steer them away from. Especially when people bully others and claim to do it in the name of Jesus. Yikes.

Hey, Christians: the way you talk about Caitlyn Jenner and this whole situation reveals what you really believe about Matthew 25:40. However you talk about Caitlyn Jenner is how you talk about Jesus. She is one of His.

Love. Love is what Caitlyn needs. Love is what I need. Love is what I will give.


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