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Natalie lives in MN with her husband, 2 boys (ages 8 and 10) and 1 little girly (age 5). She is a musician and a blogger (https://thegreatesttreasure.wordpress.com/) and constantly fights the urge to fly south for the winter.




One thought on “About Me

  1. Hi Natalie – HolyWeek greetings and blessings in Christ Jesus, our Redeemer.

    Been following the thread of Erics’ (contemp – why i left the prz band) — and your wonderful comments.
    I’ve been a Min.Mus, cantor, composer and prof musician (symphonic) for decades and currently serve a modest size LCMS parish here in town. Thank you *so* much for posting up and arguing for the substantial and perfectly-appropriate music which the likes of the Gettys are creating for the body of Christ today (In Christ Alone).
    I have used that song here in this parish and in the last one I served as well. Tremendous.
    Years and years ago, the CCM movement (“CCM magazine”) coined the phrase “worship wars”. The mentality, while a sad commentary in itself, has still a ring of truth in its existence today. Nevertheless I strive to give my church Fam a healthy and proper dose of *good* CCM along with our wonderful LSB music.
    Finally, it’s always kind of a thrill to even teach them older hymns from time to time, unknown to us Lutherans. It’s a sometimes thorny path to wade through, as much is laced with decision theology etc…. but nonetheless a joy to do.

    Grace and peace, from Columbus.



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